Medical Marijuana Evaluation & ID Card Cost in Maryland

Medical marijuana assessments at Dr. Z Green Therapy in Bethesda, Maryland are not covered by insurance. Information about pricing for different types of office visits is detailed below. If you have further questions about pricing or want to make an appointment, please contact us.

Dr. Z Green Therapy Pricing

First Time Visit:

Cost for your initial assessment at Dr. Z Green Therapy as a new patient.


offer2: discount first time
Discount First Time Visit:

Dr. Z Green Therapy offers a 20% compassionate discount for veterans.


offer3: Renewal visit
Renewal Visit:

Existing patients must be seen once a year in order to renew their card.


Each office visit typically lasts for 30 minutes. Patients should review our What to Bring page about required materials and restrictions before making an appointment. Please note that patients should provide a list of current prescription medications as well as your medical records as proof of any current medical conditions. Records should be brought with you to your appointment, or they can be sent directly from your healthcare provider to our office. If you are having medical records sent to us from another healthcare provider, please confirm that we have received your medical records PRIOR to your visit.

Cost for Obtaining a Patient ID Card

Dr. Z Green Therapy does not administer medical marijuana patient ID cards. The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC) is the only department able to issue valid and legal medical marijuana cards. The following information is provided from the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission regarding the steps and pricing for obtaining an ID card.

  • Step 1. Submit an online Patient application here. Wait to receive approval from MMCC and your MMCC-issued ID Number.
  • Step 2.¬†Obtain a valid written certification from a Physician registered with MMCC.
  • Step 3.¬†After receiving a written certification, log in to the Patient Registry (with the username and password you selected during registration) and purchase an ID Card for a fee of $50. Be sure to have your credit or debit card available for payment. Your Patient ID Card will be mailed to you.

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