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Providing Compassionate Care in Assessing Patients
for Medical Marijuana Cards in Maryland

At Dr. Z Green Therapy, we take pride in understanding the complex needs of our patients. We are a fully equipped medical office located in Bethesda, Maryland offering comprehensive medical marijuana card assessments. All patients will be seen by Dr. Margaret Rajnic, also known as "Dr. Z" by many of her patients.

As a medical marijuana doctor in Maryland, Dr. Rajnic is not only able to help patients effectively treat their chronic medical conditions using cannabis, she can also help advise patients on a variety of treatment options and lifestyle adjustments to help them achieve the best possible outcomes.

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How to Get a Card

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Getting a medical marijuana license in Maryland starts with a visit to Dr. Z Green Therapy. During your appointment, our certified Maryland medical marijuana doctor will assess your symptoms and medical history before determining whether you are a good candidate for a medical marijuana card. If recommended, a patient will receive a written certification from our doctor to be able to obtain their ID card through the state of Maryland to legally acquire marijuana at a local dispensary.

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