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Following the legalization of medical cannabis in Maryland, regulations stipulate that patients can only receive a medical marijuana ID card after obtaining a written certification by a legally authorized Maryland medical marijuana doctor, such as Margaret Rajnic, DNP.

The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission will be the only department issuing valid and legal medical marijuana cards to people suffering from qualifying conditions.

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Who Can Issue a Medical Marijuana Recommendation?

Maryland marijuana doctors legally authorized to write recommendations for patients to obtain medical cannabis must be Diplomates of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology or other certifying boards related to the provider’s field of practice. Providers are required to complete training as outlined by the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission before receiving their medical marijuana license.

In addition, recommending physicians must show that they have established a bona fide patient-doctor relationship, having fully evaluated the patient’s past and current health status and diagnosed the patient with a qualifying condition. Medical marijuana doctors in Maryland are expected to screen patients for substance abuse or dependence to determine whether the patient presents a low risk for dependence or addiction.

In summary, the requirements for issuing a written certification for medical cannabis are:

  • A “bona fide physician-patient relationship”
  • The patient’s condition must be severe
  • Other medical treatments must have proven ineffective for the patient’s condition, and
  • Symptoms must reasonably be expected to be relieved by the use of medical cannabis

Maryland law defines a “bona fide physician-patient relationship” as a treatment or counseling relationship between a provider and patient in which the physician reviews the patient’s relevant medical records, completes an in-person assessment of the patient’s medical history and current medical condition, creates and maintains medically standardized records, expects to monitor the patient’s program, and takes any medically indicated action to follow up.

Once issued, a provider may amend or revoke a patient’s written certification on any medical grounds if deemed necessary.

Where to Get More Information

For more information about obtaining a medical marijuana ID in Maryland, please visit the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission’s website.

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