Maryland Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Once a written certification has been obtained from a certified Maryland medical marijuana doctor and a medical marijuana ID card has been administered from the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC), a Maryland patient can only obtain legal medical cannabis from Maryland-licensed dispensaries. In order to purchase at a Maryland-licensed dispensary, you will be required to present your ID card or a valid government-issued ID.

The MMCC has issued over 100 pre-approvals to companies to dispense medical cannabis, however, no final licenses have been awarded as of the beginning of August 2017.

The pre-approved companies are currently working through Stage Two of the approval process, which includes undergoing criminal background investigations, completing regulatory requirements, securing local zoning approvals, and compliance inspections by the MMCC. The Commissioners will vote for licensure in a public meeting once compliance with the regulatory requirements is complete.

The MMCC anticipates that medical cannabis will be available to patients from a licensed dispensary in mid-to-late Summer 2017. As each dispensary is established and licensed, their locations will be posted here.

Further information about dispensaries can also be accessed on this page of the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission’s website.

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